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    A romantic blend of vintage uniques and handmade domestics.
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About Heart of Helaine

This whole beautiful journey of mine began years ago, probably as far back into my childhood as I can remember. My passion for sewing began as a small child learning the basics from my mother and my grandmother. A good day for me was one spent rummaging through old feedsacks in my great grandmothers basement as I gathered new colors and prints for a quilt I was learning to piece together. To this day, that is my favorite thing to do. I love piecing beautiful fabric together and making something new, wonderful, and beautiful out of it. Browse through my website and see if there is not something I have made (or found) that you would like to add to your home!

If you are intrigued, but need more information you can contact me via my e-mail MissMuslin@aol.com.

Pictures for this website have been taken from my shop which is located at the Hartville MarketPlace and Flea Market, in Hartville Ohio. If you are in the area, please stop in for a personal visit.

            Helaine Weber