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These tablerunners offer not only beauty to your furniture, but also protection to your wood surfaces. They are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and prints. Don't see a size that works? Email me with your requests. Custom sizes are available. Standard sizes and prices are available at the bottom of the page.

Appliqued Tablerunners:

These oval-ended tablerunners are embellished with a beautiful contrasting applique bow and are quilted with a decorative embroidery chain stitch. They are available in four sizes and a variety of prints.

Ruffled Heart Cutwork Tablerunners:

These tablerunners are a single layer of fabric with an attached ruffle for a lighter effect that can be easily draped. They are embellished with my trademark cutwork heart design. Ruffled heart cutwork tablerunners are available in bleached or unbleached muslin.

Quilted Ruffled Cutwork Tablerunners:

This style of tablerunner not only has the ruffle and the cutwork heart on each end, but it is also quilted. Instead of being just a single layer of fabric, it has two layers of fabric with polyester quilt batting in between. The layers are quilted together with a decorative embroidery chainstitch. This style is available in bleached or unbleached muslin.

Tablerunner Sizes and Prices:

Appliqued Tablerunners
22 X 14 Inches $15.00
36 X 14 Inches $17.00
48 X 14 Inches $21.00
72 X 14 Inches $27.00
Ruffled Heart Cutwork Tablerunners
20 X 11 Inches $8.00
26 X 14 Inches $10.50
35 X 15 Inches $15.95
40 X 9 Inches $14.00
54 X 19 Inches $19.50
Quilted Ruffled Heart Cutwork Tablerunners
20 X 15 Inches $18.50
64 X 15 Inches $35.00

Ruffled Heart Cutwork Tablerunner on left and Appliqued Tablerunners on right
Appliqued Tablerunner
Closeup of detail on Appliqued Tablerunner

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